Ismael and Yolanda Diego opened Tacomiendo in Culver City in February of 2000.

Having worked at numerous other restaurants over the past fifteen years, most notably The Pelicans, Killer Shrimp, and Tortilla Grill, Ismael and Yolanda decided to establish their own Mexican Restaurant.

Originating from Oaxaca, Mexico, their menu is filled with traditional Mexican dishes such as Menudo, Birria de Chivo, and Mole while at the same time offering traditional American dishes.

Their vision for the restaurant was to provide an authentic Mexican experience that would leave customers feeling like they were at the center of “La Plaza” in Mexico City.

From the illustrative Mexican artwork placed throughout the restaurant to the tortillera diligently making tortillas at the window, Mexican culture is the focal point of the establishment.

In winter of 2005, Ismael and Yolanda opened another Tacomiendo location in West Los Angeles. Tacomiendo has become a local favorite of the community due in part to Ismael and Yolanda’s dedication to serving delicious authentic Mexican Food.